Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup and Optimization

Expert GA4 account configuration: Streamline your data collection and ensure compliance with the latest privacy regulations. Custom event and conversion tracking: Capture user actions and measure key milestones relevant to your business goals. Data visualization and reporting: Gain actionable insights from your data through custom dashboards and reports. Advanced configuration options: Implement enhanced measurement features like cross-domain tracking and attribution modeling.

Facebook Server-Side Tracking (Conversion API)

Ditch the cookie crumbles and embrace data confidence! Our Facebook server-side tracking bypasses browser limitations, ensuring accurate conversion tracking even in the privacy-first era. You'll enjoy near real-time conversion insights for lightning-fast optimization decisions, plus robust security thanks to secure server-to-server communication. And the best part? Streamlined integration simplifies your Facebook Ads setup, letting you spend less time wrangling tech and more time dominating your campaigns. Say goodbye to unreliable data and hello to a seamless, secure, and performance-boosted Facebook experience.

E-commerce Tracking

Dive into the depths of your e-commerce journey with laser-sharp insights. We track every footstep, from curious browsings to abandoned carts and triumphant checkouts. Our powerful attribution models unveil the hidden heroes of your marketing efforts, guiding you to optimize your spend with surgical precision. No more data fog – our custom dashboards and reports illuminate your performance with stunning clarity. Armed with this knowledge, you can craft hyper-personalized ad campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience, turning window shoppers into loyal customers and skyrocketing your conversion rates. It's like having an X-ray for your e-commerce success, revealing the secrets to unlock its full potential.


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GA4 is the future of web analytics, offering powerful new features and preparing you for upcoming cookie restrictions. By setting up GA4 now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights you wouldn’t get with the older Universal Analytics.

While not essential, it’s increasingly important for accurate data and campaign optimization. It eliminates browser limitations, improves data security, and provides faster reporting, helping you make informed decisions and maximize your Facebook Ads ROI.

We work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and configure e-commerce tracking accordingly. This includes setting up custom events, parameters, and reports, giving you a detailed picture of your customer journey and product performance.

We’re with you every step of the way! We provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support for your tracking setups. If you have any questions or need adjustments, our team is always here to help.

While results vary depending on your specific business and marketing efforts, you can expect to see initial insights within days of implementation. Our ongoing optimization ensures your tracking continuously improves, leading to sustained growth over time.